delsa is a small company operating in the industrial automation sector. Since 1982 it has been producing hot stamping and assembly machines and providing industrial automation solutions, especially dedicated to the packaging and plastic material items fields.
Since 2014 its offer has been enlarged with the addition of pad printing machines, through the acquisition of the Tampograf brand.
Every phase of the machinery construction is carried out within the company, from mechanical and electrical design to final assembly.

Since 2004 delsa also offers the machining service on behalf of third parties.
The plant is based in Grantola, in Varese, Lombardy, in a 3,250 sqm building: 20 workers are employed , coordinated by the owner, Dante Dellea. In almost 40 years of activity, delsa has sold more than 1500 special machines distributed in more than 20 countries all over the world. The reference fairs in which delsa participates are PLAST in Milan and Cosmoprof in Bologna.

delsa designs and develops solutions for the automation of your company production process, mainly focusing on the processes of handling, decoration and assembly of all plastic parts.

Dante Dellea has always run delsa, since its foundation: he is an expert designer in the machine construction field and coordinates 3 departments that make up the company: the technical office, the mechanics workshop and the assembly department.

delsa technical department has a proved experience in designing special machines, carried out through 3D CAD software and electro-pneumatic system. The technical office staff also deals with the drafting of the preliminary projects related to the quotes and the PLC programming for the machines managing.

delsa machine workshop is able to meet both internal and external requests thanks a large available machinery composed of CNC work centers, numerically controlled lathes, cylindrical and flat grinding and other manual machines.

The assembly department carries out all the assembly operations of delsa machinery, both mechanically and electrically and pneumatically. At the end of the assembly phase, the department handles the machines setting up, also intervening on the control logic. The development ends with the final test before the customer.

delsa is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and, in a perspective of continual improvement, has continued to reinvest the profits obtained over the years, expanding the infrastructures and introducing constant innovations in its product.

delsa has been implementing a QUALITY program and management policy for years.