This document aims to implement and improve the Quality Management System, after analysis of the context, of the interested parties and of their needs.

The management intends to establish, implement and maintain a quality policy which is:
- Adequate to the purposes and context of the organization that supports its strategic objectives
- A strategic framework for setting quality goals
- Committed to meeting any applicable requirements
- Committed to continuously improving the Quality Management System

The management is therefore committed to:
• making sure that all persons carrying on tasks and/or activities under their own responsibility are fully aware of this policy, of its objectives and of the contribution of each of them to the effectiveness of the system, and the negative effects of any non-compliance to system requirements;
• increasing the awareness of all employees of the importance of a great and shared commitment;
• making available, consistent with the company financial resources, any adequate means to pursue and achieve the improvement goals set in the annual quality management plan;
• defining and updating the organizational structure and the system periodic review, in order to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;
• basing the annual quality management program on:
- this quality policy
- the internal audits results
- the review results
- all collaborators' opinion
• periodically reviewing this document to establish its suitability and adequacy company goals;
• ensuring compliance with all the requirements agreed with the customer and the implicit requirements;
• ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations and all the subscribed requirements;
• ensuring the company high profile through the development of adequate commercial strategies;
• making this document available to all company collaborators and communicating it also to any interested parties through the official information channels.

All collaborators are required to:
• provide a careful assessment of this document, guaranteeing its full understanding and the achievement of all explained goals;
• fully understand all the contractual clauses agreed with the customer, consulting COM if necessary;
• work generously for the Company and its customers;
• share with all colleagues and the Company the results of all work experiences, avoiding any professional jealousy;
• suggest any intervention concerning marketing, professional training and instrumentation, which is considered important to improve the company performance;
• achieve the specific goals of the quality management plan within the agreed time scales;
• guarantee human relations within the work context, based on availability as much as possible.