In 2014 delsa has expanded its product range through the acquisition of Tampograf, a historic firm which operates in the pad printing industry, since 1968.
This acquisition has allowed delsa to offer the customer both the classic pad printing machine models and the integration of pad printing heads on its own automatic machines.

delsa offers together with the construction of pad printing machines the supply of accessories and tools related to tampography, such as:
• silicon pads;
• photopolymer clichés;
• bromographs for the clichés printing;
• inks, catalysts and thinners.

What is pad printing?

The classic Tampograf machine produced by delsa are semi-automatic:
manual loading / unloading by an operator is required.
The decoration cycle is automatically carried out, after the operator has pressed Start.

The main features of delsa tampography machine are:

• Semi-automatic functioning
• Change of colour and cliché within a few seconds
• Quick setup without using any tools
• Rugged construction and solvent-resistant powder coatings
• Fully pneumatic systems (6 bar)
• Explosion-proof
• Very intuitive operations
• Precision positioning cliché to avoid registration problems
• Patented airtight inkwell with two-lip ceramic pad printing rings, with double working life
• Special pad which can print on any level (even below the cliché level)
• Multi-pad models: independent pads that allow stamping even on different levels
• Equipped machine ready for stamping even after long periods of inactivity.

The selection of the machine model mainly depends on:
• the maximum size of the graphics you want to transfer
• the number of colours ( 1,2,or 4)
• the size of the piece to be decorated.

Smallest machines are very easy to use as they only require compressed air supply, for example from a small compressor. Power supply is not required, as the movements of these machines are generated only by pneumatic actuators and a pneumatic board manages the operating sequence.

Larger machines need a power supply instead.

Pad printing machines